Winterizing Homes Saves Money, Energy, and the Environment

Drafty homes waste energy, especially during the winter heating season. Eco-Friendly Home Products offers insulation and other winterizing products.

Greensboro, NC November 28, 2012

Thera-Dome Attic Stair Cover

Thera-Dome Attic Stair Cover

Winter is on the way. Heating season has already started in most of the country. Homes that are not adequately winterized let heated air leak outside. They must burn extra fuel to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Not only does it waste money, it has numerous and avoidable negative consequences for the environment.

All home furnaces should be professionally inspected every year by a company that offers an annual service contract. A faulty furnace not only wastes whatever fuel it uses, but it can be a fire hazard or carbon monoxide hazard. Having a service contract saves lots of money on any repairs needed between inspections.

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